The Beginning

In 1988, whilst already working for major Swiss banks in Geneva, the founding partners recognized the potential of creating an independent investment and wealth management company, to look after the interests of wealthy private clients.

We believed that by operating our own company, and being freed from the time demands that always exist within a corporate structure, we could devote more time and energy to our clients.

From the very beginning, the GAMSA strategy has been to provide a genuinely personal and professional service to a limited number of wealthy clients.

Such a commitment is difficult, even impossible, in a corporate banking environment.

Personal Service


Professional Affiliations

Is fundamental to our business philosophy.

Each of our clients is respected as an individual, with independent investment needs and objectives


It is now a legal requirement in Switzerland for members of the financial community to join an officially recognized regulatory body.

Membership of a regulatory body will ensure that high levels of professionalism and integrity are maintained at all times.

GAMSA is a member of :


Administration and Reporting

Clients may receive regular statements of account, directly from the bank.
GAMSA has online administration links directly to their depository banks.
Clients can be provided with instantaneous evaluations and activity reports


GAMSA's status as an independent provides our clients with significant advantages.

We are free to select the investment product that we feel best satisfies a client's investment objective - we are not  
  compelled to choose 'in house' products.

We check with the market before buying or selling - we do not simply pass orders through a dealing desk.

Because GAMSA only represents the client, we can access and monitor accounts held in different banks, for the same client.

Our independence means that we are motivated to serve our clients best interests - with the aim of becoming their trusted advisor.